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Duvets, pillows, sheets & more

Aug 1, 2017


Duvets, pillows, sheets & more

July has disappeared somewhere and August has slipped in quietly so that means our sale is coming to an end along with the summer holidays and dare we whisper… School is just around the corner ! Now is a good time to think about your older kids who may be heading off to college; dig out those spare duvets, pillows & covers and see if they’re up to the stresses of college life. They may not get much sleep (especially if they’re going to college in another city) but they’ll need a comfortable duvet & pillow to be rested for all that studying that lies ahead ! Bear in mind that rented accommodation won’t always be as warm as your own house either…

The ‘smallies’ will need a nice cosy bed too so consider flannelette sheets as Autumn closes in…

A lot of older teenagers and young adults find that they’ve outgrown single beds and we are the biggest stockist of 4ft. (or ‘small double’) bedlinen in Ireland ! We stock SEVEN different qualities in fitted sheets and FOUR different qualities in mattress covers so if you (or a friend) have been struggling to find them all along – now you know where to go !

We continue to celebrate our 40 YEARS IN BUSINESS thanks to you, our customers, many of whom have become good friends and we look forward to seeing you in the shop soon.