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Selling sleep isn’t easy when it’s 30degrees !

Sep 27, 2018


Selling sleep isn’t easy when it’s 30degrees !

It’s Autumn once more and already, those less hardy souls have begun to turn up the heating “just for an hour” in the evening…

Between 15 & 18 degrees for sleep

It’s not that long ago that we were all opening doors and windows and looking for any bit of a breeze to blow through the house as we tossed and turned all night long with the heat of those +30 days and +20 night’s in June & July ! At Household Linens, we can’t deny being happy to see the back of the sunshine… It was one of our worst summers ever as people turned away from duvets and blankets and even found a cotton sheet too warm to sleep under !

Go back just a few short months again and we were in the middle of a snow storm when the shop had to close for four days. Still, Donald Trump says there’s no global warming !

Joe battled in through the snow on foot to check on the shop.

It’s hard to remember when we last had such extremes in the one calendar year but if this is to be the new ‘norm’ then we may all have to revisit our bedtime routine… We’re always happy to offer advice about creating “The Perfect Sleep Environment” and having been in business since 1977, we’ve built up a considerable bank of knowledge but are always learning from new research as well.

The research being done in recent years with professional sports people on the positive benefits of sleep, especially in terms of recovery and avoiding fatigue, have been revealing. In an interview with the “Telegraph” newspaper some time ago, footballer Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain professed that he needs TEN hours of sleep the night before a game ! “I always try to make sure I get 10 hours on the night of the game. Is that a lot?” he asks, noticing the look of surprise on my face. “With anything else I’m dead.”Most of us would admit that we struggle to get 7-8 hours of quality sleep and indeed many ‘whizz’ people (like the aforementioned Donald Trump) would claim that they can survive comfortably on 4-5 hours sleep.

It goes without saying, that many of those who the need the most sleep are those who get the least… New mothers are obvious candidates but also teenagers who are going back in to their exam years and may think they are ‘relaxing’ by spending extra time on social media or watching tv. There’s a wealth of knowledge online but at the end of the day, be sure to call in to us in Oliver Plunkett St. for that perfect duvet or pillow !

Finally, if you want to see a sample of our vast range of duvet covers, we’ve just been updating our Pinterest page so why not pop over via the link for a quick browse… We’ve had a huge reaction to our competition on our Facebook page to pick out our Christmas duvet covers and the winners will be announced in early October when all designs are in stock.