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Buying guide

finding the perfect duvet

Choosing the perfect duvet can be a confusing experience, our buying guide explains the difference between the various options and will help you to select the right duvet.

To find the perfect duvet you need to firstly consider whether you prefer a natural or synthetic filling?

Synthetic Benefits

Non-allergenic and washable – synthetic duvets make a practical alternative for those who are sensitive to natural fillings

Advances in fibre have led to synthetic duvets becoming lighter, more breathable and feeling more like down-filled duvets.

Synthetic Products

Perfectbalance has a unique blend of microfibre and lysoft. It has the luxurious feel of down and is amazingly breathable for incredible comfort.

Spundown has an incredibly fine microfibre filling enabling all sizes to be washed in a domestic washing machine at 60 degrees – the temperature that kills dust mites which are a common cause of asthma and allergies

Cotton Touch is ideal for all the family with a 100% cotton cover – a practical solution.

Natural fillings

Natural duvets have the benefit of being both durable and naturally breathable

The lightest of all natural fillings is down which comes from the breast of the bird and has a unique ability to trap air making it exceptionally light. It is also luxurious, soft and fluffy, as it does not contain quills

As feathers with quills are not as thermally efficient it takes more to create the same level so will weight more

Our natural filled products have a fill power rating to measure the quality of the feather and down. The higher the fill power, the better the duvet

The covers of our natural filled duvets are constructed with cassette pockets to keep filling evenly distributed, preventing cold spots

Natural Products

The Fine Bedding Company range includes Hungarian Goosedown, Goosedown, Goose Feather and Down, and Duck Feather and Down.

The next consideration is how warm you want to be?

The tog rating of a duvet indicates this. Tog is a measure of warmth, the higher the tog the warmer the duvet.

13.5 tog is wonderfully warm so is ideal for the winter months

10.5 tog offers medium warmth for spring and autumn

6.0 tog may be ideal for those with newly insulated homes

4.5 tog is cool so ideal for the warm summer months

The Four Season option consists of a 4.5 tog duvet and a 9.0 tog which can be used seperately and combined to suit every season.

Buying guide

finding the perfect pillow

Your pillow should support your head and neck comfortably so that you get a good nights sleep.

To find the perfect pillow for you, firstly decide what level of support you need: soft, medium or firm?

This is dependent on how you sleep. Generally soft is best if you sleep on your front, medium if on your back and firm if you sleep on your side.

Secondly, choose the type of filling you prefer: natural, synthetic or memory foam?

If you are allergic to feathers or down, or need to wash your pillow frequently, a synthetic filling is most suitable. With natural fillings the more feathers there is in a pillow, the firmer it tends to be. Down filled pillows are the softest. Memory foam pillows offer the best support and can help alleviate neck and spinal problems as well as providing a luxurious nights sleep.

Natural pillows

Down is finest and softest pillow filling and offers soft-medium support that moulds to the head.

Adding feather to the pillow adds more support.

Synthetic pillows

Synthetic pillows offer more support than natural.

Most of our pillows are now filled with polyester clusters, which means they can be re-plumped and mould easily to the shape of your head.

Our fine microfibre pillows feel just like down.

They are washable in a domestic washing machine.

Memory Foam pillows

Memory foam offers the optimum level of support.

Is a temperature sensitive material that responds to heat, moulding around to the shape of your head and neck relieving pressure points

Choose from a traditional shape, contoured for extra head and neck support, memory foam and microfibre or memory foam and goosedown for the ultimate support.

Once you have found the perfect pillow, make it last longer by using a pillow protector

Buying guide

Mattress protectors & mattress toppers

Mattress & Pillow Protectors

A protector adds a hygenic layer of comfort to your mattress, pillow or duvet. They can be easily removed and washed to reduce allergen and  dust mite build-up. They also help to prolong the life of your bed and pillows. All of our mattress protectors feature an elasticated skirt to fit any depth of mattress.


Pure Cotton A supremely luxurious protector covered in silky soft cotton sateen, filled with soft, breathable cotton.

Cotton Touch Covered in 100% cotton and filled with a soft, cosy filling for a touch of luxury.

Complete Care Soft cotton towelling provides protection against accidents and spills for total peace of mind.

Anti Allergy Available to protect mattress & pillow, the specially constructed cover creates an impenetrable barrier to dust mites and other allergens, ideal protection for allergy sufferers.

Mattress Toppers

A mattress topper is the ideal way to add luxury and comfort to any mattress or to simply revive an old one. From synthetic to natural, we have a topper for everyone.


Duck Feather & Down Topper: A duck feather and down filled topper for ultimate sleeping comfort.

Perfect Comfort Topper: A soft, luxurious cluster fibre filled topper for optimum support and comfort.

Memory foam Topper: Temperature sensitive memory foam shapes itself to the contours of your body to give you the ultimate sleep experience.

Buying guide


Click Here to view a leaflet on Dust-mite control

Allergies are widespread and affect approximately one in four of the population at some time in their lives. Each year the numbers are increasing by 5% with as many of half of all those affected being children.

One of the main causes of allergies, including Asthma, Eczema and Rhinitis, is the house dust mite. House dust mites love warm, cosy areas and for them, just like us, a toasty duvet is an inviting retreat. So if you are troubled with allergic reactions to these microscopic creatures, you need to consider the following things:

If you’re allergic to feathers, choose a synthetic duvet and pillow.

If you are allergic to dust mites, choose a duvet and pillow that can be washed easily at 60°C, the temperature that kills dust mites. Our Spundown range which includes duvets, pillows and protectors is designed to fit into a domestic washing machine and can be washed at 60°C!

Look out for products that have been designed with allergy sufferers in mind.

Non-allergenic or hypo-allergenic products are manufactured from raw materials that will not cause an allergic reaction e.g. our NEW Mulberry Silk duvet.

Anti Allergenic products are manufactured in such a way that allergens cannot accumulate in the bedding

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